Essential Gardening Jobs in September

Greensleeves Blog | 21 September 2021
Essential Gardening Jobs in September

September brings the new season of Autumn and a variety of gardening tasks that need undertaking. Autumn is one of the most important times of year to care for your lawn. After the very hot summer we’ve had and in preparation for an unpredictable winter, giving your lawn some attention now will ensure your grass is healthy over the winter months.

In Autumn, your local lawn expert will apply our unique fertiliser treatment designed to maintain the colour and strength of the grass. Our specialist formula contains the correct balance of nutrients to ensure that the plant is healthy from the roots to the tip.

September Flowers in the Garden

To avoid losing colour in your garden throughout autumn and winter, you can plant some autumn-blooming flowers like chrysanthemums. Make sure to keep dead-heading your hanging baskets and flowers throughout autumn, until the first frost comes. September is a really good time to plant new perennials as the soil is still warm enough, and the extra rain of autumn will aid their growth. Plant your bulbs now for spring-flowering plants, such as daffodils.

Fruit and Vegetable Jobs in the Garden

This month will be very busy if you have crops, as you will need to harvest the ripened fruits and vegetables. It’s the time to harvest apples, pears, sweetcorn and onions, amongst other crops. Pick blackberries as they ripen to use or freeze for use later.

September Lawn Care

Now is a good time to scarify and aerate the lawn, as the lawn still has time to recover before the cold sets in. Aeration can also help the lawn once more rainfall starts, as it can prevent waterlogging on the lawn. Your local lawn care can advise you if your lawn needs any extra treatments or care during this month, to help it prepare for the colder months ahead.

Other garden jobs include starting a compost bin for the fallen leaves and garden debris that will build up throughout autumn. You could also install water butts to collect rainwater throughout autumn and winter. This gives you a chance to recycle and improve your carbon footprint.


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