Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Greensleeves Blog | 03 July 2019
Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter weekend is a great opportunity to spend time together as a family. Hopefully you’ve got a few days off work over the bank holiday and are excited to celebrate Easter. We’ve put together some of our favourite Easter egg hunt ideas so if you’re looking to do something a bit more interesting than your normal Easter egg hunt, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here!

We’d encourage you to get your grass and lawn looking fantastic before hiding the Easter eggs. Why not give an expert at Greensleeves a call? We can provide you with a fantastic seasonal treatment to nurture your lawn and prepare it for the months ahead — or even one of our specialist treatments to really give your grass a boost!

Make Your Own Easter Eggs

Making your own easter eggs is a great activity and it helps to reduce the amount of chocolate your kids are eating on Easter Sunday.

There are loads of ways you can make your own Easter eggs. Try buying chicken eggs and hard boiling them. Swirl food colouring into shaving cream and roll the eggs into the mix. Leave it to dry and wash the shaving cream off. It makes a fantastic marbled effect! You can then eat the eggs for Easter Sunday breakfast (following an early morning easter egg hunt!) or hunt for them in the day and eat them on Easter Monday.


Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

For Toddlers

Easter egg hunts with toddlers are fantastic for a huge number of reasons. There’s something magical about the wonder on a toddler’s face as they discover hidden secrets around the garden.

They’re also great because toddlers don’t have the same expectations as older children. You can adapt Easter egg hunts more easily (so they don’t involve too much chocolate) without disappointing your child!

However, toddlers can sometimes struggle with finding the eggs more than older children do. They also often have shorter attention spans so be careful not to make your Easter egg hunts too long!


Try tying balloons around the hidden eggs to make it easier for your toddler to spot them. That way, you can put them on your lawn or in plant pots and they should still be easy to find.


While you’ll of course be helping your toddler anyway, it can be fun to give them special clues. You could leave a trail of carrot pieces for them to follow around the garden, which is a great way to make the Easter bunny feel more real.

You could make a special treasure trail by printing a cartoon image of something in your garden that your child will recognise — a swing, the playhouse, the dog’s kennel, the garden gate’¦ Put an easter egg in each place along with the next clue!




For The Whole Family

Everyone loves a good easter egg hunt — even teenagers who might claim otherwise! While a traditional chocolate egg hunt is fun, here are some extra ideas to mix up your normal treasure-hunting games.


Get some reusable eggs that can open up and put little challenges inside. Only once the challenge is complete can you take the Easter egg! This can sometimes work best if you put people in pairs. The challenges can be adapted to work for children of all ages (or adults too!) including anything from touch your toes to hula hoop for ten seconds! You could put a challenge and a little chocolate egg in each one to keep people motivated throughout.

Whoever has the most eggs at the end can get a bigger prize!

Relay Race

Instead of every man for himself, why not split your group into two and have the egg hunt relay-style! The two teams race to get the most eggs with only one person from each team allowed to go at one time. Once they’ve got an egg, they come back and the next in the team can go.

The team with the most eggs at the end gets a prize!

Glow In The Dark

If you want to have an egg hunt that’s a bit different, get some plastic easter eggs that you can open up and put electric tea lights or glow sticks inside. It works best with eggs that are multicoloured. Hide them around the garden as it begins to get dark and then let people hunt for them in the evening!

We hope that however you choose to do your Easter egg hunt this year, you have a lot of fun spending time in your garden!

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