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    Lawn Aerator Treatment

    Lawn Aeration

    Aeration is the most effective way of allowing water, air and nutrients to penetrate the grass root and help to alleviate soil compaction. There are two main types of aeration; hollow tine and spiking.

    How Does it Work?

    Hollow tine lawn aeration is the process of taking small plugs from the lawn, which is the best way of easing compaction and sub-surface thatch, allowing air, water and fertiliser to penetrate to the root zone. This is particularly effective at the beginning and end of the growing season. A lawn aerator can also help the lawn through drought and stressful conditions, enabling water retention in the crucial root zone.

    Spiking is a less intensive way of aerating your lawn and involves creating small holes in the lawn using a specialist, lawn-spiker machine. This allows water to penetrate through the thatch deep down into the soil and reach the root zone of your lawn, facilitating the nourishment and growth of healthy grass.

    How often does my lawn need aerating?

    How often you aerate is dependent on how you use your lawn, but as a general rule, you can’t really over-aerate a lawn. At Greensleeves, we suggest that most lawns will need a hollow tine aeration every year as part of a full lawn treatment programme, but your lawn may need more than this. If your lawn gets a lot of use, such as children or pets running around, then the soil will more quickly become compacted. Areas where you often walk over, such as the clothes line or an easy route to other parts of your garden, will also become more quickly compacted.

    Another aspect to consider is the feel of your lawn. If the lawn dries out quickly and feels spongy, then you may have a thatch problem which aeration can help with. If you aren’t sure whether your lawn needs this service or not, you can always get in contact with a lawn care specialist who will advise you.

    Why is aeration needed?

    For your lawn to thrive and develop into the lush, green landscape that you dream of, the soil has to be able to absorb water, air and fertiliser. A good air circulation to the roots is absolutely essential for grass health. However, there are a few things that can occur which make it impossible for the lawn to do well. Over time, the soil in your lawn compacts and the particles compress together. This can stop grass from growing and cause your lawn to become waterlogged as the water has nowhere to drain. Larger particles of earth clump together and block the roots from doing their job. Compacted earth can also increase the likelihood of moss and weed infestation.

    What To Expect With Your Aeration Treatment

    Your lawn treatment expert will arrive on a pre-arranged date to carry out your hollow tine aeration treatment. The length of time the aeration will take is very much dependent upon the size of the area to be treated.

    The lawn aerator will be moved backwards and forwards across your lawn, removing plugs from the turf as it goes. The removal of these plugs will relieve compaction and allow air, water and nutrients to circulate within the soil to the roots of the grass. Once the treatment is complete, your lawn will be covered with soil plugs, but do not worry; it is Greensleeves’ policy to improve the appearance of your lawn and therefore we always rake up as many as we can. Don’t worry if there are a few left behind, these will be collected with a lawn mower or naturally breakdown back into the soil.

    Here at Greensleeves Lawn Care, we always recommend hollow tine aeration as standard, it is the most effective way of aerating a lawn. The machine removes approximately 45 cores per square metre of turf. Each core removed is about 12mm thick, which gives the surrounding soil plenty of room to breathe. This space allows the soil to pass water, air and nutrients to the roots.

    Aerating the lawn can be done all year round, but should generally be avoided around times where frost or extreme dry weather is expected. It is most effective at the start and end of the growing period, where the weather will be wetter and the lawn recovers quickly.

    Do you need professional aeration? Choose the experts.

    If you are struggling to aerate your lawn yourself, why not leave it to the experts? At Greensleeves Lawn Care, we offer a wide range of lawn treatments that will get your grass flourishing in no time. For help and advice or to book your next treatment with us, give us a call today on 0808 100 1413.

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      Annual Essential Treatments

      Our annual essential lawn care treatments are designed to tackle specific issues your lawn may face.

      An intense raking of the lawn to remove excess thatch and improve its condition.

      The removal of plugs from the lawn to reduce compaction and improve drainage.

      The application of grass seed to a lawn to fill in and repair bare areas resulting from damage.