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    Hard Surface Weed Control

    Hard Surface Weed Control

    Now your hard surface areas can be as weed free as your lawn.

    During spring and summer it is usual that many common garden weeds can grow in the gaps or cracks in drives, patios and paths as well as on gravelled areas. We offer a hard surface weed killing treatment that can tackle these weeds and, in some cases, can prevent regrowth as well.

    Whether your driveway is gravel, stone or tarmac, our weed treatment will quickly eradicate the weeds providing a much tidier and pleasing appearance. The results are quick and effective and it can be carried out at the same time as your usual treatment. As with our other services this treatment is completely safe for children and pets.

    To find out more about this treatment in relation to your own hard surface areas please speak to your local Greensleeves lawn treatment expert or contact head office. We can offer weed control treatments for your patio, gravel, stone, tarmac and other hard surfaces.

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