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Project Summary

When we first analysed the lawn, it was in an extremely poor condition with a thick layer of thatch, moss and compaction issues. We advised that the best course of action would be to fully renovate the lawn. We began by scarifying and hollow tining the area to alleviate the issues we had identified.  Following this we went on to overseed and top dress the bare lawn.  This was carried out at the end of August, and was then watered every day for 2 weeks by the customer. After 3 weeks of care, it had recovered rapidly due to the warm weather and irrigation.

Project Details

Lawn Care Expert Oliver Wood

Mr Davis, Huddersfield

When Oliver came to visit my lawn I honestly thought he was going to say that the whole thing would need to be ripped up and turf relayed. I was pleasantly surprised by his recommendation, I couldn’t believe that such results could be achieved in such a short period of time and such a reasonable cost. My lawn looks absolutely amazing now, it has totally transformed our garden and my children love to play on it.

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