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    At Greensleeves, providing a quality service is our number one priority and it is extremely important to us what our customers think. We want to ensure that you are happy with the service and treatments that we provide and so we keep in touch on a regular basis and ask for feedback. Below are a selection of the case studies showcasing the journey some of our customers’ lawns have taken.

    I can’t speak highly enough of the package of care and would not hesitate to recommend the service offered by Greensleeves.

    Mr G. | Mawnan Smith, Cornwall

     When Oliver came to visit my lawn I honestly thought he was going to say that the whole thing would need to be ripped up and turf re-laid. I was pleasantly surprised by his recommendation, I couldn’t believe that such results could be achieved in such a short period of time and such a reasonable cost. 

    Mr Davis. | Huddersfield

      I got in touch with Nick at Greensleeves as my lawn had virtually disappeared. Nick assessed my lawn and I was horrified to find Chafer Grubs had done all the damage. The day he came to do the renovation was an awfully wet day but he carried on regardless. The lawn now looks good and I am very satisfied with the work that was carried out. 

    B Gell. | Cobham

     I was astounded by the rate at which my lawn deteriorated over the winter. I contacted Chris who regularly treats my lawn to ask him to take a look. When he visited he straight away identified what the problem was and explained that the devastation was down to leather jackets. I couldn’t believe that such small insects could reek so much havoc. 

    Mrs Jennings. | New Haven

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