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Prepare your garden for a heated summer

Prepare your garden for a heated summer

The sun is shining, the BBQs are lit, and the paddling pool is out. I think it is fair to say most brits love a good heatwave. However, our gardens do not feel the same way. Most gardens are not prepared for extended periods of drought, and with the hot weather looking like it is here to stay this month, David Truby, the Managing Director of Greensleeves, gives his top five tips for keeping your grass green during this scorching weather.

Mow little and often

How you mow your lawn can have a devastating effect on its health. During the warmer weather, it is essential to consider the length of your grass. While that may sound funny, if your grass is too short, it can lead to scorched leaves and water evaporating quickly, ultimately damaging your grass. When your lawn is slightly longer, the grass blades will retain more moisture internally, shade the soil and help reduce water loss due to evaporation. I recommend maintaining your grass at around 3-5 cm long. That sounds a lot, but if you mow little and often, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good your lawn will look.

Use your outdoor shade tactically

In the UK, our lawns are not used to prolonged periods of extreme heat, so providing shade will help protect them from the sun. If you are not blessed with plenty of shade in your garden, I suggest moving a table over the exposed areas in your garden or putting up a patio umbrella. The grass will thank you for it!

Get to the root of watering issues

During periods of prolonged heat, it is vital to keep your lawn hydrated. A lack of water will result in a yellow, straw-like lawn that can take months to repair. If you want to keep your lawn green during this time, it may be necessary to water your lawn instead of relying on a daily sprinkling. I recommend giving the whole lawn a deep soaking a couple of times a week.

Be mindful of how you water your lawn, especially during a drought, because this can considerably impact your grass’s health. Water your lawn in the early morning to allow the grass to absorb the required amount of water and let the sun evaporate the excess water. Watering at midday when the sun is at its hottest will cause water to evaporate quickly, without reaching the grassroots and leaving it until the evening will increase the risk and severity of disease such as red thread.

Make sure your lawns ‘aerate’

When the weather is too hot, water will run off grass and evaporate rather than soak into the soil. This is why aeration can be an excellent complement to your summer lawn treatment.

Aeration allows water, air and nutrients to reach the grass root where it is needed while also combating soil compaction. It would help if you used either hollow tine or spiking techniques for optimal grass health. Hollow tine aeration uses a machine to drive hollow spikes into the lawn, which remove small plugs of soil and thatch. The principle of spiking is the same, although it is a less intensive method of aeration. Both treatments help nutrients, air and water reach the grass root, which helps your grass use water more efficiently.

Overseeding reduces brown patches

Barren patches of lawn can be caused by multiple things such as wildlife, mower damage or lack of moisture. In conjunction with either scarification or aeration, overseeding sows grass seeds over your turf, allowing this damage to be repaired far quicker than if you left it to regrow unaided. Overseeding is also important in annual lawn care as it increases your lawn’s resistance to disease and reduces moss growth. Lawns that are regularly reseeded become progressively thicker and more luscious.

Get in touch with your local lawn expert

The combination of long hot days, dry spells and rapid growth can begin to sap the colour from your lawn. The best way to keep your lawn green and luscious over the summer period is to get in touch with your local gardening expert! At Greensleeves, our seasonal treatment enriches the soil with nutrients that will help the grass maintain that deep green we all want. So, if you have a question about our lawn care services or are simply looking for some advice, get in touch with your local provider now!


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