The summertime is when we get the opportunity to really make the most of our gardens however the recent record high temperatures combined with very little rain fall may have left your lawn looking less vibrant than usual. It is important to remember that lawns are very resilient and with the correct care and fertiliser in place they will be equipped to bounce back quickly when the heat wave passes.

The Greensleeves Late Summer Lawn Treatment has been specially created to protect your lawn and be applied in the hot, dry high summer conditions we are experiencing. The products we use are specially created for us to ensure that they not only benefit your lawn but are also the best for your household.

Completely safe for children and pets
Controlled release, no scorch technology – perfect for the hot summer months
No need to water in

By applying the product to your lawn now we are actually putting it at an advantage as the treatment will be there ready and waiting for the first signs of moisture, the immediately available nutrients will be quickly absorbed into your lawn ensuring a rapid recovery and return to vibrancy.

Don’t let your lawn miss out on this crucial summer treatment - it will thank you in the long run!

If you are not currently a Greensleeves customer, please contact your local lawn treatment expert – there is still time to book your summer treatment! The sooner you begin providing your lawn with the specialist care and nutrients it requires the sooner you will start to see an improvement in its condition and appearance. Your lawn care expert will conduct a full analysis of your lawn as it may be suffering excessively during the weather as a result of underlying conditions that need addressing.

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Customer Feedback!

"When we began experiencing the hot, dry weather back in June I consulted the Greensleeves website to see if there was anything in particular that I should be doing to help my lawn during the dry spell. I followed the advice stated and rather than watering my lawn little and often as I had been doing I started to saturate it to help the water to penetrate. I was very pleased with the results - the advice was true to word and the method worked. Whilst lawns in my area turned brown and dry mine continued to be green and healthy. Thank you Greensleeves."

Greensleeves Customer | North Yorkshire

Mowing Lawn in Hot Weather

Our Top Summer Lawn Care Tips


It goes without saying that providing your lawn with water during hot weather is essential to its health. However, the way in which you water it and the method will also have a bearing on the impact watering has. Ideally water your lawn early in the morning or at times when the moisture is likely to soak into the soil rather than evaporate. Do not water in the middle of the day when the sun is at its hottest. It is best to saturate the lawn to help penetration rather than applying little and often. As a guide, a well-watered lawn will spring back when walked over, a dry lawn will not, and foot prints will remain evident in the lawn for a longer period of time. The best method to ensure consistent application across the whole surface area is to use a sprinkler – this will ensure that the water is dispersed evenly across the lawn with maximum efficiency.

Of course, this advice is given assuming a hosepipe ban is not in place. Currently a hose pipe ban has only been implemented in Northern Ireland. Should the weather continue resulting in the implementation of hosepipe bans in other areas there are other methods that can be used to ensure that your lawn still receive hydration.

Top hose pipe ban tip: rather than pulling the plug after your bath (put the plug in if showering) let the water go cold and use the water on your garden via a watering can!

Increase the height and reduce the frequency of mowing

Keeping your lawn longer during the hot, dry weather and mowing less frequently will avoid putting the lawn under more pressure and weakening the turf. To allow for a longer cut it is vital that you increase your mower's blade settings – the higher the better! Ensure the blades of your mower are sharp and well-maintained. This will achieve a nice, clean cut, avoid scalping, reduce moisture loss and achieve a far greener and healthier looking lawn.

Spike and Hydrate

Our spiking and hydration treatment goes a long way in this weather towards equipping your lawn for survival. Spiking involves creating small holes in the lawn, using a specialist aeration machine, these holes then allow water to penetrate through the thatch deep down into the soil and reach the root zone of your lawn, facilitating the nourishment and growth of healthy grass. This is particular important when water is scarce, and it is essential that every drop is maximised.

The introduction of our specialist wetting agent following a spiking treatment helps dramatically with the management of water in your lawn by ensuring the optimum use of available water. The technology allows applied water to efficiently enter the soil. It gives complete coverage deep down into the root zone, ensuring the benefits are evenly distributed into the whole rooting area of the lawn.

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Spiking & Hydrate Lawn

FAQ’s - Lawn Care During the Heat

My lawn has turned brown – what can I do?

Grass turns brown when there are not enough available nutrients and water in the soil for the grass to absorb. It often looks worse than it is – even though your lawn may have turned brown it is not dead - it would take an extreme period of drought to kill a lawn. Once the temperature drops and rain appears your lawn will recover quite rapidly. If you are a Greensleeves customer and therefore receiving the summer treatment and watering your grass well then this will help to prevent your grass from looking this way. Our Summer fertiliser treatment (part of our annual treatment programme) will ensure that the correct nutrients are present within your lawn and will speed up the recovery process when water is present.

Is it worth continuing to treat my lawn when it is so dry?

Whilst it may seem a little odd to continue to treat your lawn when it is struggling for water and it can be tempting to put off treatment until the weather drops, this is the wrong approach. The lawn treatment programme is designed as a year-round programme and the summer treatment is specially created for these conditions. It is essential for the lawns health and recovery that it receives the special balance of nutrients contained within our unique fertiliser to assist it with recovery and survival into the autumn and beyond.

What is the point of putting fertiliser on my lawn when there is no rain?

Whilst off the shelf fertilisers require watering in in-order to take effect our specialist fertiliser is different. It contains a special no scorch technology and there is no need to water it in. The specially coated granules will lie safely on your lawn until moisture is present – at this point your lawn will not only receive the water it requires but also the specialist nutrients aiding its health and appearance.

What if there is a hose pipe ban and I can’t water my lawn?

If a hose pipe ban is put into effect then it will limit our ability to hydrate our lawns via the use of hosepipes and sprinklers however you will still be able to use a watering can to ensure your lawn receives some hydration (of course this will require a little more commitment from you).

How long will it take my lawn to recover once the heatwave passes?

This is very difficult to calculate exactly as all lawns are different and as the climate can vary dramatically in different areas of the country the following advice should be taken as a guide only:

A lawn that has received the Greensleeves treatment but no water (and therefore may have turned brown) should recover once sufficient rain appears within 1–2 weeks (assuming that there are no other underlying health issues for example dry patch).

A lawn that has not received any treatment can take up to 3-4 weeks and then may not recover to its full pre-drought condition.

What can I do to help my lawn to recover?

Please refer to our Top Summer Lawn Care Tips above – following these will help your lawn throughout the hot, dry weather and give it the maximum assistance for recovery.

Is there anything else I need to be aware of as a result of these conditions?

During these types of conditions there are two main lawn problems that can arise:

Red Thread – Red Thread (Laetisaria Fuciformis) is a fungal disease which appears during especially humid conditions. The hot dry weather that we have been experiencing recently weakens the grass plant. This, combined with the presence of moisture, makes it increasingly likely for an outbreak to occur. You can read more about Red Thread here.

Dry Patch – this occurs when the soil within the lawn becomes water repellent and as a result the grass cannot access the water it needs. You will notice patches of dead grass in your lawn. Our spiking and hydration treatment can help treat the dry patch – please speak to your local lawn expert for advice relating to your specific lawn.

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