At Greensleeves Lawn Care, we have carefully compiled our selection of lawn care and treatment services to ensure that your lawn receives everything that it could possibly need, in the right balance, to thrive. We only do what is right for your lawn and as every lawn is different we will only make recommendations following the completion of a thorough lawn analysis. Your local lawn treatment expert will visit at a time convenient to yourself and carry out a full assessment of the health and condition of your lawn. By extracting cores from the lawn and observing the general environment, they will be able to gain an insight into the challenges your lawn faces and advise a suitable lawn care programme.

As a minimum, it would be expected that your lawn will benefit from seasonal applications of our specially tailored fertiliser, weed and moss control. In addition, depending upon the current condition of your lawn you may be advised that a more rigorous approach is required in the form of one of our mechanical treatments such as scarifying or hollow tine aeration. Any specific troublesome areas your lawn faces such as attack from pests or disease will also be discussed and a treatment plan advised. 

Lawncare UK


What Good Care Can Do For Your Lawn

Once we have analysed and assessed your lawn and begun the seasonal treatment programme, you will start to see a number of benefits for your lawn. Your lawn should become greener, healthier and with less weeds and moss. The care that we provide can reap greater benefits than doing lawn care by yourself, as our treatments are consistent, professionally developed and are applied by a lawn expert who knows the exact requirements of your grass. As our treatments are applied all year round, your lawn will benefit from fertiliser and moss killer no matter what the weather. 

Come summertime you'll be sitting admiring the look of your lovely, lush green lawn. Sit back, relax and let us do the hard work to make your home and garden feel even more comfortable. 

Lawn Care Advice

Whether you are a gardening novice with your first ever garden, or you have lots of green-fingered experience, we've all been at that point where your lawn isn't quite the way you want it, but you can't find out how to make it work. It might be brown patches on the lawn, or an abundance of moss. Whatever the problem, our local lawn experts are more than happy to advise and chat about your lawn needs. They can suggest a treatment plan that will get the best out of your lawn and talk to you about general lawn care advice. Reach out today to talk to your local, friendly Greensleeves Lawn Care Expert

Seasonal Treatments

Our seasonal treatments ensure that every season your lawn receives the best treatment.

Spring Lawncare


Our spring feed is designed to lift the lawn out of Winter and provide a deep green colour.

Early Summer Lawncare

Early Summer

The first of our summer treatments is designed to provide a thick, lush lawn we all know and love.

Late Summer Lawncare

Late Summer

Our summer fertiliser will strengthen your lawn, even though a hot dry period.

Autumn Lawncare


Our specialist autumn feed ensures your grass stays healthy and prevents moss & weeds.

Winter Lawncare


As the months become colder we will protect your lawn against moss & fungal diseases.

Annual Essential Treatments

Select from the links below to view information relating to our additional lawn care treatments. Our annual essential treatments are designed to be carried out on your lawn once a year to ensure it is in the best possible condition.

Scarification Treatment


An intense raking of the lawn to remove excess thatch and improve condition.

Aeration Treatment


The removal of plugs from the lawn to reduce compaction and improve drainage.



The application of new grass seed to a lawn to fill in and repair bare areas resulting from damage.

Specialist Treatments

Select from the links below to view information relating to our specialist lawn care treatments.

Lawn Renovation Treatment

Lawn Renovation

A full, intensive programme designed to completely transform an extremely damaged lawn.

Spiking Treatment


The creation of small voids in the lawn to facilitate the growth of healthy grass.

Hydration Treatment


The application of a specialist wetting agent to manage hydration in a lawn.

Spiking & Hydration Treatment


The application of specialist treatments to help control diseases occurring in your lawn.

Lawn Renovation Treatment


The application of specialist treatments that can help control lawn pests as they occur.


Lawn Green Up

A specialist treatment that can give your lawn an instant and dramatic “green up”.

Hard Surface Weed Control

Hard Surface
Weed Control

Efficiently tackle weeds on pathways, driveways and patios.