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Lawn Repair

Lawn repair is a specialist service we offer that returns damaged parts of the lawn to their former glory. We think of it as the little brother of our more extensive ‘lawn renovation’ treatment, which tackles larger areas as well as entire lawns.

What is lawn repair for?

Lawn repair has been designed for when an area of a lawn has been damaged, for instance in places where an animal might have caused destruction, or a particularly sunny area was left scorched by the sun.

What does lawn repair entail?

Lawn repair is a 5 step treatment regime

While the exact process used to repair your lawn will vary, depending on the cause and extent of damage, a general lawn repair regime would look something like this:

  1. We start by hollow tine aerating the lawn, this reduces soil compaction and enables the ground to better absorb water and nutrients. It also enables the new roots to establish into the soil effectively helping the plant to mature.
  2. We then aggressively scarify the damaged portions of the lawn to remove all of the debris.
  3. We re-seed the lawn with our own lawn seed, this will grow to a lusciously thick lawn.
  4. We then dress the re-seeded areas with good quality dressing to protect the seed and improve the germination.
  5. These areas of the lawn now need to be left for between two and four weeks for the lawn to germinate and mature. During this period it is crucial that the seed is kept damp, if necessary by regularly watering the area to prevent it from drying out and halting the germination process. After this period these damaged areas should be good as new.

Is your lawn in need of some TLC?

Lawn repair is a fantastic solution for customers who have damaged portions in an otherwise pristine lawn. To find out more click here to contact your local Greensleeves lawn care expert.


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