Greensleeves Environmental Policy

As one of the leading lawn care treatment specialists in the UK, we are committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment. At Greensleeves Lawn Care, we ensure all our activities are as environmentally friendly as possible, this being when undertaking all treatments and working in each of our franchises.

Greensleeves Lawn Care Aim To:

  • Operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation where applicable. We strive to use pollution prevention and follow environmental best practices in all we do.

  • Ensure any waste material created from working at the premises of our customers is disposed of and recycled ethically and safely whenever possible.

  • Minimise waste by evaluating all operations, services and treatments carried out by our lawn care experts. We will ensure disposing of any waste is as efficient and as environmentally friendly as possible.

  • Actively promote and encourage the reduce, reuse, recycle policy both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers, and encourage this to be an ongoing process.

  • Meet environmental legislation that relates to Greensleeves Lawn Care as a company.

  • Consider the environmental impacts of our company decisions and activities, and ensure our environmental concerns are taken into account before any work is completed or any business decisions are made.

  • Ensure our employees understand how to work in an environmentally friendly manner with each job or treatment, and continue to promote environmental awareness.

  • Train, educate and inform our employees, both new and existing, about environmental issues that may affect their day to day work when carrying out jobs and treatments.

  • Continue to work towards reducing internal waste through reusing and recycling wherever possible.

  • Avoid any unnecessary use of hazardous materials and products when carrying out treatments, and seek substitutions when appropriate. Take all reasonable steps to protect the health of customers, employees and the environment when such materials are used, stored and disposed of.

  • Minimise the level of harmful emissions when carrying out treatments.

  • Where required by legislation or where significant health, safety or environmental hazards exist, develop and maintain appropriate emergency and spill response programmes to ensure the safety of both Greensleeves customers and employees.

  • Voice our environmental commitment to all customers, both new and existing, as well as to suppliers and the public, encouraging them to support this.

  • Strive to improve our environmental performance whenever is necessary and periodically review our environmental policy to reflect our current and future work.

If you have any questions about our Environmental Policy, please let us know.