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Gardening and Lawn Care: Improve your Health and Fitness

29th January 2018

The new year is a great time to make healthy resolutions and introduce some new exercise into your routine. But don’t go straight to the gym and sign up to an expensive membership that you won’t enjoy! Gardening and lawn care can be a great way to get out into nature and get your heart rate up in an enjoyable and satisfying way. 30-45 minutes gardening every day can strengthen muscles, raise your heart rate and give you a breath of fresh air without having to leave your back garden. With so many benefits, there really is no reason not to!

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New Year, New Lawn

18th January 2018

Now that the excitement of Christmas is over, and the New Year has arrived, it’s time to focus on your lawn care to ensure your grass has a happy and healthy 2018.

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5 Ways To Enjoy Your Garden This Winter

10th December 2017

Although the temperature is beginning to cool, and the sunlight is starting to fade, there’s no need to forget about your garden until the New Year. Here, we offer some tips and advice on how to maintain and enjoy your garden over the autumn and winter months.

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Moss Removal

3rd October 2017

In the UK, there are over 600 species of moss. Mosses are resilient, adaptable and non-flowering plants that thrive in areas of excessive moisture, shade and poor turf quality. They appear as dense green clumps or mats. If left untreated moss will continue to spread over the lawn, diminishing the grass growth and will eventually suffocate the grass entirely.

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Dry Lawn Advice

1st August 2017

In the run up to summer, we Brit’s hope for a long, dry and hot few months after a wet and grey winter and unpredictable spring. However, for our lawns, this is a nightmare! It is during this dry and hot weather that grass can suffer from drought stress. This strain is amplified when the dry period becomes hot or windy. You may start to notice your lawn changing to a paler green, yellow or brownish colour and beginning to look patchy.

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Lawn Mowing Advice

2nd June 2017

Your lawn should be mowed as regularly as you can do it; at least once per week during the main growing seasons of April ‘“ June and September ‘“ October. This can be relaxed during the height of summer if a drought develops as the growth will slow. However, it is important not to let the grass get too long at any time of the year, including winter, as this will reduce the quality significantly, increase the likelihood of moss invasion and reduce the aesthetic appearance of the grass.

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