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Autumn is here – and here’s why Greensleeves’ seasonal treatments can make a difference at this time of year 

Autumn is here – and here’s why Greensleeves’ seasonal treatments can make a difference at this time of year 


And just like that, summer is in the rear view mirror in the UK and autumn is here. But while it’s easy to think that this means you can take your foot off the gas where your lawn is concerned, autumn is actually a crucial period for your lawn. It’s a time for R&R after the intensity of the summer months… and *next* summer actually starts here.

If you need some advice and guidance, you’re in luck. In this blog we’ll explain how Greensleeves can assist you throughout the autumn via the selection of autumn seasonal treatments that your local Greensleeves lawn care expert can provide. Together, we’ll have everything covered to help your lawn recover from the summer and stay as healthy as possible as the days get shorter and the temperatures drop in the run-up to winter. 

Autumn Seasonal Treatments – specialist help from Greensleeves

Moss and thatch control – time to scarify 

Keeping the spread of moss under control is vital for the overall health of your lawn and autumn is a period when it thrives, due to the cooler and damper conditions during these months. 

Cosmetically, moss has an impact on the appearance of your lawn, but there is a more serious issue if moss is allowed to spread, unchecked. Slowly but surely, it will steal nutrients in parasitic fashion, at a time of year when your lawn needs all the nourishment it can get. Your local Greensleeves lawn care expert has a variety of different moss control treatments, which can be tailored to your lawn’s specific needs.

Removing thatch from your lawn is also crucial in early autumn. Debris builds up over the summer due to increased use and as autumn progresses, surrounding trees and plants will shed their leaves and flowers. A scarification treatment, which will allow your lawn to absorb light and nutrients, is the best way to clear thatch and other debris.


Greensleeves’ aeration treatments are also considered essential in autumn. Aeration is most effective following scarification and your local lawn care expert can offer you two options. Hollow tine aeration is the more intensive of the two, while spiking can be equally effective, and more suitable, depending on the condition and health of your lawn. We’ll perform an assessment and make a recommendation for you. Both options reduce soil compaction and enable air, water and essential nutrients to be absorbed efficiently. 

Feed and overseed 

The next stage in our autumn seasonal treatment process is feeding and/or overseeding your freshly scarified and aerated lawn. Our fertiliser is specially formulated for autumn and provides a boost to your lawn after the stresses of summer, while also protecting it from various pests and diseases that are most prevalent in autumn. 

If your lawn is displaying isolated bare patches, autumn is also a perfect time to treat those through overseeding. Our specialist, high quality seed will be administered by your local Greensleeves lawn care expert using a machine that ensures even distribution and coverage across those bare patches – restoring your lawn to a healthy, thriving shade of green!

Insecticide and fungicide  

Greensleeves also offers effective remedies for the twin threats of insects and fungus. Both can wreak havoc across your lawn during autumn, and the damage can develop silently if untreated – before revealing itself fully in spring, by which time it can be too late to treat.

Our new, highly-effective and child/pet friendly insecticide helps to control the insect larvae that can be living off your lawn’s roots in autumn. It can only be deployed by our highly-trained local lawn care experts. 

It is also important to protect against fungi such as Red Thread and fusarium patch, Again, autumn is the time that they can become most prolific, so book one of our effective and efficient fungicide treatments today!

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