Annual Treatments

Annual Essential Treatments

What Does It Involve?

Our annual essential treatments are tailored specifically for lawns that need that extra bit of assistance and essentially are aimed at improving the substance and structure of the lawn itself. Lawns can become unhealthy for a wide number of reasons. Your Greensleeves lawn treatment expert is professionally trained and qualified to diagnose the problems that are affecting your lawn and advise a plan of treatment to rectify the issues.

How Does It Work?

Whether it be a course of scarification to improve sward composition within a lawn or hollow tine aeration to reduce compaction, our experts can be relied upon to solve the problem and transform your turf into the lush green lawn it should be.

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Annual Essential Treatments

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An intense raking of the lawn to remove excess thatch and improve its condition.

The removal of plugs from the lawn to reduce compaction and improve drainage.

The application of grass seed to a lawn to fill in and repair bare areas resulting from damage.